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Come join us at Stelly's

New Students - Registration Information

Please complete ALL forms:

General Registration Requirements

School Locator - to find out if you are in Stelly's catchment

If you are out of catchment, we will be reviewing our out-of-catchment registration requests in late May/early June.  This will provide time to ensure that we have the staffing and course space to welcome your youth into Stelly’s with a timetable that meets their learning wants/needs.  In the meantime, it is recommended that you continue with the course selection and registration process with your secondary catchment school.

If you have applied for our Boulder’s Climbing Academy, Mr. Braun will be in touch with you regarding the status of your youth’s application. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out: 250-652-4401

Counsellors - Who To Contact - Click Here

Priority System for adding students into a class

(from top priority to low priority)

  • Grade 12’s who require course for graduation;
  • Students who require a course for entry into a “program;”
  • Students who were not able to enrol in a “core” course the previous year;
  • Grade appropriate first time enrollees;
  • New school enrollees who require courses based on graduation program requirements;
  • Courses being repeated to meet graduation requirements;
  • Lower grade first time enrollees.